A smooth drinking pale amber German-style Bockbier. Medium-bodied with fresh bread malty flavors and aromas and a clean finish.  

16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 -3oz $1.50

6.2% ABV



A big, bitter 77 IBU India Pale Ale, spiced with a blend of fragrant Magnum, Simcoe, and Cascade hops. An American IPA receipe designed by our late Brewmaster, Greg Noonan. He said that he wanted this to represent the American style IPAs being brewed by the creative brewers using todays malt and hop varieties.  One of the original "East Coast IPA's."

16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.25

5.5% ABV



A lightly roasty smooth Irish Red Ale. Malty,rich, creamy and mellow, and not too bitter. A VPB favorite for over 30 years! 

16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.50

4.2% ABV



A Belgian golden strong ale with fruit flavors of pear and apple up front with a dry, slightly bitter finish.

12oz $7 - 8oz $6 -3oz $1.75

8.0% ABV





A light, refreshing fruit beer fermented with over 500 pounds of real raspberries! This ruby red in color, sour mashed and oak aged, not too sweet with a slight tartness.

12oz $7 - 8oz $6 - 3oz $1.75

6% ABV


A double IPA featuring Sabro and Citra hops with a low bitterness and a soft mouthfeel. The hops are able to shine and may even be bending time itself.                       

12oz $7 - 8oz $6 - 3oz $1.75

8.0% ABV




Another classic from the cellars of the Vermont Pub & Brewery.  Brewmaster Scott Gawitt has tweaked this Irish style dry stout to take on a character of its own!  A rich, roasty, smooth and creamy Export Stout with a session 4.4% ABV reminiscent of a popular and well renowned stout that comes from Ireland.  Sit back and enjoy this one no matter what the season! Mixes well with our very own Forbidden Fruit for a perfect "Raspberry Stout." Yum.

16oz $6 -12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.50

4.4% ABV


A palindromic American-style lager.  Light, crisp and clean with low hop bitterness and hop flavors and a subtle toasted malt finish. Very crushable!

16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.50

5.2% ABV




A Flemish Style Vermont Wild Red Ale fermented with brettanomyces yeast providing slight tartness with funky aromas and flavors. This recipe was the result of the collaborative efforts of VPB brewers both past and present in honor of their mentor and Master Brewer, Greg Noonan. The name (Toolah - Leez) comes from county Cork in Ireland where the Noonan clan originated.

12oz $7 - 8oz $6 - 3oz $1.75

6.1 %ABV

Raise one to Greg...


A seasonal Pale Ale with freshly picked Centennial hops from our friends at Champlain Valley Hops in Starksboro, VT.  Medium bodied with a hop forward nose highlighting citrus zest and lemon candy flavors and a dry finish.

16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.50

5.8% ABV