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Princess Cashmere

A light-bodied wheat IPA bursting with citrus, peach and tropical melon flavors and aromas. Easy drinking and low ABV make this beer a crushable summer delight. She's the GOAT!16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.255.0% ABV  

Dark Matter

A rich and smooth session milk stout brewed with a combination of roasted and dark crystal malts to provide dark chocolate and espresso flavors. CONTAINS LACTOSE16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.504.3% ABV  

Zum Wohl

A dark lager with deep malt flavor from Munich and Vienna malts and a touch of smoked malt for a complex, drinkable beer. To your health!16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.505.0% ABV   

Czech Your Pils

A traditional Czech-style pilsner made with Continental pilsner malt and Saaz hops.  This medium bodied pale golden lager has a bready malt profile and a floral hop aroma.16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.504.9% ABV 

Fancy Pants Maple Ale

A celebration of local seasonal ingredients. We brewed this amber ale with over 24 gallons per BBL of maple syrup from Stonyhill Sugar House in Fletcher VT and Willamette Hops from Champlain Valley Hops.  12oz $7 - 8oz $6 - 3oz $1.757.4% ABV  

Tulach Leis

A Flemish Style Vermont Wild Red Ale fermented with brettanomyces yeast providing slight tartness with funky aromas and flavors. This recipe was the result of the collaborative efforts of VPB brewers both past and present in honor of their mentor and Master Brewer, Greg Noonan. The name (Toolah - [...]

Blackwatch IPA

A house favorite dark IPA! Roasty and bitter, made with British malts. This style was brought to modern brewing by our founder, Greg Noonan and its current popularity is vibrant and growing throughout the country. In 2010, the Brewers Association created a Black IPA category for this style of [...]

Curacao Wit

A light Belgian-style white beer.  We used bitter and sweet curacao orange peel and coriander to bring you this perfect summer thirst quencher!16oz $6 - 12oz $5 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.505.0% ABV 

Watermelon Wheat

An American-style wheat ale brewed with real watermelon. This awesome, all natural watermelon beer is light bodied and crisp with sweet melon aromas, flavors and finish!16oz $7 - 12oz $6 - 8oz $4 - 3oz $1.755.0% ABV

Forbidden Fruit

A light, refreshing fruit beer fermented with over 500 pounds of real raspberries! This ruby red in color, sour mashed and oak aged, not too sweet with a slight tartness.12oz $7 - 8oz $6 - 3oz $1.756% ABV